PLUMBER PLEASE NOTE: Form 33 to be completed IN FULL and be available for collection at time of final inspection of plumbing work along with As Constructed drawing to drafting standard as detailed
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Menu I've got access to a certification Authority snap-in I'll go ahead and launch that within that CA I've got a description of certificates that I've made available or haven't made available or denied access to what I want to be able to do is configure the support for templates and here they are these are the templates that are currently what are referred to as published by the CA the CA theoretically is able to issue certificates based upon these definitions of kinds of certificates that can be used if I want to set up a web server for SSL purposes I can create a web server certificate this is for server authentication for a server to prove this identity to a client so the client feels comfortable making that credit card purchase or transferring a bank balance or things of that sort here's a certificate for EFS the encrypting file system this is a certificate that allows a user to encrypt personal files of their own in a way that ensures that those files are kept safe from harm even if some evil villain steals the computer and extracts the hard drive and puts it in their own computer those files are still scrambled kept safe from harm and remain that way unless unscrambled by somebody with the private key we do have a user authentication certificate that does embed together encrypting file system features email features client authentication the client proving to somebody else to some server that it is who it says it is so let's imagine that our global man Tech's company has decided to begin hiring contractors to perform certain kinds of tasks our network we've decided that our core competency isn't so much IT we're better off bringing in people to perform some of those tasks we want them to be able to authenticate themselves using certificates but we tend to hire those people for a fairly limited period of time corporate IT puts their heads together and says ok issuing certificates to these people that's a good idea but we want to make sure that those certificates are short-lived they get renewed fairly frequently and that anytime that a contractor wants a new certificate they need to get approval from somebody who runs the CA so how do we do that if I just go right click the certificate information here I can pull up some properties but there's nothing to do here this is information about how that certificate works but I can't make it to this so how do I change the behavior of the user template the solution to that is to actually right-click the certificate templates container and to manage templates this launches a separate Microsoft management console snap in I could alternately have gone right to that from the MMC but I kind of like using this trapdoor into the certificate templates MMC and there it is so let me scroll down to the my list here and we do see the user certificate does exist in this list so if I go right-click the user template I have an option here to duplicate that template now why would I want to do that now why would I...