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PLUMBER PLEASE NOTE: Form 33 to be completed IN FULL and be available for collection at time of final inspection of plumbing work along with As Constructed drawing to drafting standard as detailed
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work area is at the rear of the building on the first floor and on the rear of the building is a wall or side wall. The wall is approximately 10 feet wide by 4 feet long and approximately 10 feet from the floor to ceiling. The wall is a straight wall on both sides and on each side of the wall is a flat roof or tile roof. A drainage line will be installed on the north side of the rear wall and two pipes on the east side to an exterior ground water line; one line to the roof and one line to the floor; one line to the roof and one line to the floor. The pipe connecting the ground and roof lines will be used for the front half of the drain line connecting the ground line to a pipe on the second floor and another pipe on the third floor pipe on the second story, to a pipe on the fourth floor and a pipe on the fifth floor of the house. The pipes and pipe fittings will be installed above the ground level as a precautionary measure. (i.e. to be above the roof and in the wall so the floor drain line cannot run back towards the house. However this drain line will not be connected to the drain system so the pipe will not run against the tile roof that will be installed on the second story. ) The floor drains will include some type of flushing system but the system will drain to the ground through a pipe under the floor (pipe fittings). The system drain will be a water main with a 2 inch ground and 2 inch roof drain pipe. A 2 inch pipe fitting on the ground drain line will be used for the flushing, as a precautionary measure in case the pipe does not drain all the way through. Note. Some drain lines, if not fully filled, can go back into the house and cause problems. When the floor drain is completely full water will run underneath the floor to the rear walls through pipes under the roof. The drain pipes will be laid out so the roof drain line is not between floors, or run out the side of the house. This prevents running the drainage pipes back into the house. Floor drains will be connected to an exterior ground water line, to a drain at the top of the house and back into the house (through a pipe under the floor) when full (i.e. when the flushing system has been installed). You can not drain the floor in the south west direction because the drainage pipe will have to return to the basement (through the same pipe under the floor as the floor,
What is certificate of plumbing compliance?
Definition: A compliance certificate is a certification that a plumbers work complies with the prescribed plumbing standards. A compliance certificate must be issued and signed by a licensed plumber for specific plumbing work carried out.
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